If you run or manage a business, protecting yourself and your earnings against the unexpected is essential to your risk management strategy. If you have the foresight to insure your business against unforeseen events such as flooding, fire, theft, damage to contents, fraud, business interruption, or accident and injury to an employee or member of the public, you will be rewarded with peace of mind and a sense that you can handle any curveball that life throws at your livelihood.

Business Insurance cover enables your company to weather the storm financially and in a reputational sense.  This leaves you free to get on with the business of earning a living.

For example, if you find yourself in the unfortunate scenario whereby an employee or a member of the public injures him or herself on your business premises or in the course of doing work for you, you will more than likely find yourself in the dreaded position of dealing with a liability claim. This will, of course, involve all of the attendant expenses such as legal fees and compensation.

In real terms, this means that your business could be liable for a hefty pay-out plus legal expenses for the injured party-not to mention your own legal expenses. If you do not have Employer’s Liability Insurance or Public Liability Insurance-a financial blow such as this could quite literally put you out of business. Between the legal costs of taking a case to court and the payment of compensation to the injured party, you could very easily be pushed way beyond your means, particularly if you are a small to medium sized company – or in the fledging years of growing your business.

Unlike Motor Insurance, under Irish Law, you are not compelled to have Employers’ Liability insurance. However-for the reasons outlined above-it ought to be clear that this is essential insurance cover for any business. Any company that has employees needs employers’ liability insurance.

At Murphy Stuart, we understand that every business is different. This is why we can offer you a tailored package that provides customised solutions that are unique to your business. At Murphy Stuart, we are also aware of the common ground shared by some businesses. This is where we bring our countless years of experience to bear when helping you to source the best business package at the best price. We will bring you the best of local and international providers to insure that you have the most suitable cover at the most competitive premium, to safeguard your business against devastating loss.

We offer a range of insurance cover options. For example:

  • Employer’s Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Product’s Liability
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Commercial Legal Expenses
  • Property Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Computers Insurance

We are happy to to offer tailored features such as business interruption cover, fidelity cover, book debts and contents insurance. We can also incorporate cover relating to office, buildings and commercial property.

Business interruption cover covers you against loss of income and/or extra expenses incurred as a result of interruption of or interference with your business as a result of damage to your property or contents.

Fidelity cover provides for loss of money and/or contents as a result of fraud or dishonest actions by an employee.

Personal accident cover is essential protection for you and your employees against accidental bodily injury

Book debts cover can also be provided so that you are insured against accidental loss or damage to your account books or other records that prevent you from tracing or collecting money debited or invoiced by you to your customers

There are simply countless combinations of business packages. At Murphy Stuart, we understand the importance of flexibility. That is why we customise every business package to fit your individual needs

Spread the cost of your cover over 10 monthly instalments by low cost direct debit.

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We provide the following insurance covers:



If you run or manage a business, protecting yourself and your earnings against the unexpected is essential to your risk management strategy.

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At Murphy Stuart we specialise in Contractors Insurance .We advise a broad range of construction companies- from large expansive construction companies, to small family-run building operations.

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Van & Motor Fleet

At Murphy Stuart, we have many years of experience in the area of motor insurance. As a result of this, we have garnered a reputation for being in a position to provide you with the best deals.

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Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a form of liability insurance. It is also known as professional liability insurance and, in some cases, it is referred to as errors and omissions insurance or malpractice insurance.

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Pubs & Restaurants

Commercial Property Insurance covers you for things like rent, rates, salaries, transport; rent, rates, salaries, gross profits, revenue and any increases in your cost of working.

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Commercial Property Insurance covers you for things like rent, rates, salaries, gross profits, increases in your cost of working and alternative premises hire.

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Hair & Beauty

Talk to us about taking out quick, comprehensive cover if you own or run a beauty salon, hairdressers or massage parlour.

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At Murphy Stuart, we understand the importance of protecting your assets, particularly if you own a property that provides you with a source of income.

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